Please read my

Terms of Use.

Payments can be made through PAYPAL.

Prices are as follows:

All Exclusive Sets may be used for
Personal and Commercial Websites.

From: US $58.00 dlls and up.

They have never been offered as linkware,
and are sold to one person only.
Title of your choice included.
Our logo must remain on the set
with a link back to:

*SHAREWARE* Sets: US $15.00 dlls and up.

5 Web sets available,
after which the set will be
permanently deleted.
One Personalized Title Is included.

*COURTESY LINKWARE* Free download. You MUST link to my website.
Personalized title NOT included.
Please read TERMS OF USE before
downloading the zip file.

*EXCLUSIVE OWNERSHIP* US $180.00 (No Link Back).

This allows you the exclusive use of the set
without the requirement to link back to this site.

*CUSTOMIZED TITLE* US $ 8.00 dlls.

*BUTTONS* US $3.50 US each.

*BANNERS* US $18.00 (Non Animated).


*AWARD TEMPLATES* $20.00 each.

Sorry, but I do NOT offer tutoring. I do not set up the pages for you
as time constraints do not afford me
the opportunity to do so.
An HTML page index and additional html
code is included with every web set.

For more information contact:

Thank you!


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